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Career Ctr & ASME Welcomes: Kineticorp Info Session - Interested in Forensic Science?

Department / Organization: Career Center

Kineticorp Info Session is on THURS, 3/16 at 5:00pm in Marquez Hall, Rm 122

Kineticorp is a Denver-based forensic engineering firm estblished by Mines Alum Nathan Rose that offers scientific consulting services to attorneys, corporations, and insurance companies.
Kineticorp uses technology in science, engineering, and visualization to analyze physical evidence, to determine the meaning of that evidence, and to communicate its significance in the courtroom.
Our services include vehicular accident reconstruction, simulation, photogrammetry, three-dimensional mapping and laser scanning, visualization, animation, and expert testimony. Our clients include United Parcel Service, the California, Washington, and Colorado Departments of Transportation, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, and many law firms that represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

ASME co-sponsoring with Career Center!

Check DiggerNet for details and to RSVP

Go to this website for more information: http:// http:// http://careers.mines.edu/StudentsHome2.html

For more information, send email to: dbehnfie@mines.edu

Published in Digest Date: Friday, March 10, 2017