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Students for Creative Anachronism Class - Chainmail

Department / Organization: Students for Creative Anachronism

Join the SCA club for a class on making chainmail - medieval chain armor. Wednesday 3/15, 6:00 PM, HH201C

This week Students for Creative Anachronism will be joined by Ronin, a member of the SCA community, for a class on chainmail construction. Chainmail is a form of medieval armor employed because of its flexibility. We will be learning several different mail 'weaves' and attendees will get to take home the mail that they make. Join us for a fun evening of wireworking.

No previous experience required. Wednesday 3/15, 6:00 PM, HH201C.

For more information, send email to: abramsflohr@mines.edu

Published in Digest Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017