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Special Activities
Help the Mines Veterans Association choose a new logo and slogan - $Prizes

Department / Organization: Mines Veterans Association

Show off your creativity and help the Mines Veterans Association choose a new logo and slogan. Contest includes an epic $225 of prizes!

Contest Description
The Mines Veterans Association logo and slogan contest includes an epic $225 of prizes!
We are looking for cutting edge logos with slogans from all designers that communicate the atmosphere and energy of Mines while representing the prestige and honor of the armed forces.
The design must include “Mines Veterans Association” and a creative slogan.


1st Prize (Chosen by club members): $100 Gift Card

2nd Prize (Chosen by club members): $75 Gift Card

3rd Prize (For the person with the most “Likes” on Facebook): $50 Gift Card

How to Submit

Submit your design along with slogan by email AND posting them to the MVA Facebook page : mines.veterans.association@gmail.com;

All Rules and guidelines can also be found on the MVA Facebook page
The deadline for submission is May 5th 2017
Promote your post to get the highest number of “likes” and the submission with the greatest amount upon completion of the competition will be awarded 3rd place.
Entries must submitted in scalable vector graphic format (EPS) and .jpeg formats. Please post the images individually.

For more information, send email to: tkeller@mines.edu

Published in Digest Date: Friday, April 14, 2017