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Academic Lectures / Courses
Academic English Proficiency: A class for non-native English speakers to improve reading & writing

Department / Organization: HASS

Academic English Proficiency (LAIS198B): A class for non-native English speakers to improve their reading & writing skills for credit! The class will be offered Fall 2017 Mon/Wed/Fri from 2:00-2:50

Academic English Proficiency (LAIS198B) will help non-native English speakers understand and apply advanced reading and writing skills required for success at the university level. Working with content from a wide range of academic and professional disciplines, students will master advanced grammar, inference, analysis, and vocabulary. The course will teach students how to incorporate complex sentence structure, diverse clauses, and word forms to improve their composition abilities in multiple writing contexts. To support these components, students will also improve their reading fluency and comprehension through academic texts specifically chosen to engage English language learners. Content and coursework will promote critical thinking and responses in English. Overall, students will learn about the cultural expectations associated with academic writing in American universities.

This class can count as a free elective credit!

For more information, send email to: ahoran@mines.edu

Published in Digest Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2017