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Academic Lectures / Courses
NSE Seminar: Dr. Bri-Mathius Hodge, April 19 4:00 pm HH 202

Department / Organization: Nuclear Science and Engineering

Dr. Bri-Mathius Hodge will present "Next Generation Power System Test Cases"

Next Generation Power System Test Cases

Dr. Bri-Mathius Hodge
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Wednesday, April 19th
4:00 pm
Hill Hall 202

Abstract: Novel algorithms have the potential to transform electricity systems planning and operations with the introduction of new measurement and sensing devices such as phasor measurement units and residential smart meters. However, the design, development, and validation of next generation algorithms is hindered by the lack of robust datasets that provide sufficient detail to mimic real systems and sufficient data to truly validate and compare algorithms. ARPA-e has recognized this need for high quality archived datasets and funded the GRID DATA program. The Smart-DS project under this program is designing the next generation of distribution system test cases that can be used for algorithm development, validation, and comparisons. In addition, NREL has recently released a modified 118-bus transmission system model with additional wind and solar power generators, and a full year of time series data to help bridge the gap in the transmission space. The development of these two datasets will be examined and a study using the NREL 118-bus system to examine the relative value of renewable energy forecasting improvements and electric energy storage will be presented.

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Published in Digest Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017